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Title – Kitsch

Title – Kitsch

Kitsch is defined by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “things (such as movies or works of art) that are of low quality and that many people find amusing and enjoyable.” Seconds into Sometimes, the EP’s impressive introductory track, Title proves the irony of the name. Sometimes is the standout track from the EP. The song features an intellectual take on glitch-hop, which Thump deftly points out is a welcome change from most recent glitch-hop tracks which take the form of “cheap dubstep knock-offs”. Sometimes serves as a prototype for the rest of the EP; the remaining three tracks are also an exhibition of Title’s affinity for laid-back, well thought-out glitch-hop. Even though Kitsch is not in the overtly funky style fans of glitch-hop have come to appreciate, give this artful EP a chance and support the artist by paying the single euro contribution he requests on Bandcamp.


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Studying flute performance, psychology, and business administration at Boston University. Connoisseur of funk, classical, trap, jazz, and everything in between.

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