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Wild Party – When I Get Older (Big Wild Remix) [Free Download]

Wild Party – When I Get Older (Big Wild Remix) [Free Download]

Big Wild is setting himself up to be one of the next big names in electronic music. This Boston/Worcester MA based producer recently made a move to San Francisco to pursue a career in music. Pursuit of a professional career in dance music is generally ill-advised for people who enjoy things like economic stability and not eating cereal three meals a day, but Big Wild is gradually proving that he may be one of the few who has what it takes to really make it. This remix of Wild Party‘s When I Get Older displays Big Wild’s affection for an uplifting style of electronic music in a manner that mirrors the nascent movement of upbeat Australia based music spearheaded by Flume. But this overtly happy quality is almost all that Big Wild shares with the Aussies or almost anyone else; Big Wild has a completely fresh take on electronic music production in a style that even dramatically varies between each of his own tracks. This remix is perhaps Big Wild’s most accessible track yet, and would probably feel more at home in a World Cup advertisement than a club’s dance floor.

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Studying flute performance, psychology, and business administration at Boston University. Connoisseur of funk, classical, trap, jazz, and everything in between.

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