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Great Dane – Beta Cat LP

Great Dane – Beta Cat LP

Here are two of ten tunes from Great Dane’s stellar “Beta Cat” LP – “Swinger” and “Daisy”. “Daisy” is the heavier of the pair, although that descriptor quickly loses meaning as soon as the song transitions into a hypnotically-distorted sampling of the 1892 banger “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)”. Just as quickly, however, we’re back into the funky kicks we began with. As for “Swinger”, the beat gives off the sense that it’s made for a rooftop bar not yet built. You’ll soon find the clicks of “Swinger” stuck in your head. The rest of the tracks are all very strong, especially the chilled-out “Killum” and the hip-hop-sounding “One for Mac(k)”. But alas, “Daisy” and “Swinger” are the only two tunes from the ten-song LP with SoundCloud streams (as of the time of this writing). To check out the rest, support the artist and grab the “Beta Cat” LP on iTunes. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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