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Maribou State – Scarlett Groove (Hexes Remix) [Free Download]

Maribou State – Scarlett Groove (Hexes Remix) [Free Download]

Groove is rarely a descriptor that can be applied to trap music. Appropriately enough, Maribou State’s original “Scarlett Groove” has a deep groove, and as an enormous credit to Hexes, their remix of the track maintains the name’s implied quality. It’s always a treat to hear a fresh take on trap, a genre which is starting to be beat to death with homogenous snares, air horns, and 808s. Instead of solely focusing on the drop of the remix, Hexes thoroughly produces the track, giving equal musical attention to each section of the remix. Formerly known as Team Bayside High, this Chicago based producer is making successful steps in his rebranding as Hexes, putting out some of the most interesting and high quality music of any electronic producers.

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