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FS Green – Goolie Goolie [Free Download]

FS Green – Goolie Goolie [Free Download]

Not really quite sure what to say about this song. Hypnotic but very weird in a very good way. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what the child (?) is saying, or what language it is even in. The odd vocals overlay a heavy and catchy trap beat by FS Green. At the end, the song sort of disintegrates into what is presumably the guys in the recording studio laughing and screwing around. This tune is a sort of guilty-pleasure song that you’ll either love or hate. I think you know where we stand on that matter. Take a listen for yourself and grab the free download.

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Studying finance, economics, and life at Boston University. Lover of musical genres with the word "future" in the name. Bass releases endorphins.



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