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Mr Blazey – oh!

Mr Blazey – oh!

Mr Blazey is a new name to us at Versace Lettuce. This UK producer apparently specializes in the genres of blip-hop (a blend between intelligent dance music and hip-hop) and mongrol-tech (I admit I don’t have a clue what mongrol-tech is and can’t find any information on the genre). “oh!” falls in the former category, and exhibits some of the most sophistication I have ever seen in non “classical” music. The short track features an enchantingly sparse vocal harmony underlayed with a minimal hip-hop beat. This simple beat soon gives way to a not-so-simple sample of what sounds like the tabla of Indian music, a drumming system that incorporates some of the most virtuosic playing of any drumming system worldwide. Somehow, Mr Blazey maintains the quasi-spiritual quality of classical Hindustani music from the sampled tabla recording, even when combined with the blatantly unrelated genre of hip-hop. The produced effect is a distinct quality I have never heard before in electronic music…

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