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Tim Berg- Seek Bromance (Omeguh remix) [Free Download]

Tim Berg- Seek Bromance (Omeguh remix) [Free Download]

This track has the makings of a painfully mundane remix of an already unoriginal song (can anyone really tell the difference between new popular vocal house tracks?). But luckily for everyone, something goes terribly right at the drop. Omeguh’s remix of “Seek Bromance” provides more energy than I ever could have imagined out of a remix of a Tim Berg song, chopping up and repeating a single syllable until dropping a rather insane sounding triplet rhythm. Aptly described as “festival trap”, this is a tune that could equally be found at home in the set of a major house DJ’s Tomorrowland set, and an LA underground trap warehouse party. This is a style of production that is meant to please all, and it does so with flying colors.

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