Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Beats Antique Remix feat. Charles Butler) [Free Download]

Even with the multitudes of recent Daft Punk remixes, we never would have expected this style of cover of the already famous tune, “Get Lucky”. Eclectic world-music electronic group Beats Antique employs the help of banjoist Charles Butler on this remix, giving a spin on “Get Lucky” that combines bluegrass, Middle-Eastern, and a variety of other influences in a style I’m tentative to call anything more committal than downtempo. In case you’re unfamiliar with Beats Antique, they’re a group well worth looking into past this cover. If you get the chance, do not pass up the opportunity to see them live with their standard visual and aural spectacles complete with live belly dancing and, of course, plenty of chill-inducing music.