Knife Party – Power Glove (Drankenstein Remix) [Free Download]

I don’t know how the guy does it. Bird Peterson (aka Drankenstein) comes out with excellent track after excellent track on an almost weekly basis. I feel like it was just yesterday we posted about him (it was actually 4 days ago). Here’s another splendid new tune from him – a remix of Knife Party’s “Power Glove”. To be honest, I thought Knife Party’s recent EP was lacking in terms of “sounding new”. Their first tunes were unlike anything else – but their recent ones are just like their first ones. However, Bird Peterson takes “Power Glove” and turns it into a layer cake of bass so crunchy and thick, you’ll wish he put his take on Knife Party’s entire EP. Maybe he will. After all, how many VIPs of Internet Friends can be released before it becomes a poor man’s “Sandstorm”? But enough about that. Peterson’s remix is dope. Take a listen and grab the download.